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Dress Code


Dancers must wear their designated level leotard color, Pink or Flesh Ballet Tights, and Pink or Flesh Ballet Shoes. Hair must be pulled up and secured away from the face in a ballet bun. If you have not ordered your student's uniform yet, please contact us.

Adult ballet

Adult students may wear any exercise clothing that is fitted to the body. Ballet attire is preferred. Hair must be away from the face. Please wear canvas or leather ballet shoes. If you are an adult taking class on pointe, please let the instructor know before class.


For all youth levels, boys must wear a fitted solid black white or gray shirt, black ballet tights, and black or white ballet shoes. Hair must be out of the face.

For all Ballet classes, Please Do NOT wear legwarmers, or extra clothing items unless given expressed permission by the instructor. Adults may wear warm up clothing as long as they are fitted to the body.

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